19 comments on “(2/23/12) UPDATE:White Sox Interested in Brandon Beachy

  1. Braves wont be moving Beachy will all the health concerns on their staff. Hanson has shoulder problems, not to mention a concussion issue. Hudson is out till at least May after back surgery and Jurrjens has knee issues. They’ll need all their young arms.

  2. Between now and the All Star break, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Brave trade either Beachy or Kris Medlen. Beachy has a better stikeout %, but Medlen is the better pitcher. Whichever gets traded, the other stays in the line-up. BTW, you can bet your boots that Jurrjens is gone before August, too.

  3. The Braves trading Beachy does not make any sense whatsoever. Beachy is locked up until 2017, does not hit arbitration for another two years and has an electric arm with the stuff to match; in other words, he’s a steal. You are right though, the only thing that would drive Beachy out of the hands of the Braves is a package of Grade-A hitting prospects, but–now this is a hard but to handle for you Sox fans–the White Sox farm system does not have many good bats(sure, Tyler Saladino is good but Andrelton Simmons is better, Jordan Danks is a 2007 Nate McLouth at best and Gordan Beckham is not a prospect).

  4. There’s no way this is happening. The Braves most immediate need is in LF. A power hitting right handed hitter. Hanson, Hudson, and Jurrjens are all question marks to start 2012. That makes the other pitchers untouchable.

  5. As a long time Braves fan I welcome a deal for Beachy. This isnt an insult to the White Sox but you guys really need some pitching. we are loaded with quality starters with no where to put them. We do have needs for some right handed power and The White Sox have some..Lets deal!

  6. I wouldn’t trade Beachy but I certainly would trade Jurrjens for Ramirez or Lillibridge. Beachy is a fly ball pitcher and we all know how the ball flies out of U.S. Cellular. Jurrjens on the other hand is a ground ball guy so he would be a better fit for the Sox.

  7. Im a Braves fan and i’d take Beckham for Beachy anyday. We need offensive help, ecspecially at Shortstop…….heck i’d give Beachy and Medlen for Beckham

    • Have you seen Beckham play the last couple of years? If you have you wouldn’t be so eager to take him especially for Beachy or Beachy and Medlen. Beckham’s numbers every year in the majors have gone the wrong direction.

      2009 – .270/.347/.460/.808 – 28 2B, 14 HR, 63 RBI – 41 BB, 65 SO
      2010 – .252/.317/.378/.695 – 25 2B, 9 HR, 49 RBI – 37 BB, 92 SO
      2011 – .230/.296/.337/.633 – 23 2B, 10 HR, 44 RBI – 35 BB, 111 SO

      I don’t want Beckham with that trend.

  8. wow…as a braves fan, there isnt a single player on your entire roster outside of ramirez and konerko i would even consider trading for beachy…

  9. This is nothing but a bunch of wishful thinking. Beachy will require a top level prospect like Viciedo, not a 28 yr old OF or a 30 yr old SS. There is

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